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Thinking About Reason

   Spiral Galaxy M74

quoteHow do we reason about complicated things? ... We do what scientists do prior to the experiment, when they exercise scientific insight to figure out how to set up the experiment in the first place. Logic only supplies laws. We have to supply premises, using experience, pattern recognition, and analysis. ... It’s not sensible to expect that faith will be amenable to scientific proof, any more than music or poetry will be. Yet faith can be thought about, and thought about rigorously, using all the intellectual tools we have for thinking about complicated things.


The assertion that truth cannot contradict truth makes a basic claim on the nature of reality. It means that faith has nothing to fear from knowledge, and that the essential truths of faith still have much to tell us about the world, no matter how much knowledge we acquire. It flows from the heart of the Catholic tradition and will serve as our touchstone in the challenge of recreating a coherent statement of the intellectual content of faith that makes sense in the modern world.