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quoteThe sacred is our way of witnessing to all that is extraordinary: the tremendous mystery of existence, the sorrows and joys of the heart and the splendor of transcendence. In his book In Search of the Sacred, Josef Pieper says that we use the sacred to claim “the possibility of transcending the immediate demands of daily life by acknowledging the much greater and fuller dimensions of our existence and claiming them as our true human endowment.”


Religion is a set of practices, of things to do, explained and sustained by a set of beliefs. But if we think the beliefs are nonsense, we will not allow ourselves to enter into the practices whose experience makes the beliefs understandable. This is the state that too many of us find ourselves in today. We dismiss religious belief, and therefore don’t participate in the practices that created the beautiful evidence we now visit as tourists in Europe and that created the immigrant churches that kept the sacred and the great bosom of meaning alive and vibrant at least through my generation. What happened?